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Wholesome, robust, and fresh, with the sweet and warm aroma that fills the whole house. Who doesn’t love homemade bread? The understated essential to a family meal can become the star of your next potluck or get-together with the simple addition of a quality paired dip or spread. So put away the tired bread and butter setup and follow our guide to our favorite recipes paired with their ideal spread.

Zucchini Bread & Fig Preserves

Zucchini Bread is easy to make and only mildly tastes of the veggie for which it is named. This hardy bread will remain in perfect condition for days in the fridge and makes for a delicious, quick snack. For a scrumptious pairing, try topping your zucchini bread with decadent Fig Preserves. The sweetness of the figs will pair seamlessly with the bread’s signature cinnamon, butter, and pecan notes.

Pumpkin Bread & Pumpkin Cream Cheese

The perfect fall treat, Pumpkin Bread is also simple to make.

Gooey and downright delicious, its sweet and spicy notes are complemented by the rich and creamy sweetness of Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dip. Whether served for dessert or breakfast, you can’t go wrong with this remarkably delicious bread and spread pairing.

Lemon Nut Bread & Rhu-Berry Preserves

Sweet and citrusy, Lemon Nut Bread has a light, moist texture and goes well alongside a hot cup of tea or coffee. For a truly delicious pairing, leave off the icing and spread Rhu-Berry Preserves to add a sweet and tangy twist to this already decadent dessert bread.

Sweet Whole Wheat Bread & Brown Sugar Mustard

Last, but certainly not least, comes our final pairing suggestion of Sweet Whole Wheat Bread and tangy Brown Sugar Mustard. Though not a traditional pairing, this bread is naturally robust. Its sweet flavor profile pairs well with sharp contrast and our mustard fit the bill. Just add a thin layer to a thick slice and let your palate do the rest.

Create Your Perfect Bread & Spreads Charcuterie Board

Whether you’re pairing Italian bread slices with warm marinara or perhaps pita with spicy hummus, you can delight your guests by mixing and matching your bread and spread combinations in one convenient location–a charcuterie board. To create one, just:

Purchase a charcuterie board

This large board comes in many shapes and sizes and can be found online or at your local wine & cheese shop. Because these boards are generally “not food safe” make sure to season it with mineral oil, beeswax, or parchment paper before assembling your spread.

Arrange pairings on your board

Set your dips and their perfect sliced-bread counterpart on your charcuterie board, then watch them all disappear into the mouths of your delighted guests.