Our Story

Crafting sugar and happiness has been our mission since 1906. Back then, when we were known simply as California & Hawaiian, our experts dedicated themselves to quality earning a respect that remains intact for over a century.

From cane sugar, we craft life’s sweetest moments

Quality worth celebrating, and celebrating with.

In the years since, we’ve expanded our knowledge, our renowned line of sugars and even our fan base, but some things remain the same. We’re still in California, still committed to quality and still on our journey to bring sweetness to each and every home baker and professional chef. 

Built by, and for, those who love to bake.

We believe that everyone who appreciates the true joy that comes from baking is part of one community, and we’re proud to have served it for more than a century. 

Memories begin when you mix in C&H® Sugar.

We also know that when you mix family, friends and food made with C&H® Sugar, you find the formula for magical moments and memories you’ll never forget. In other words—The Recipe for Happiness Starts with C&H.