Did You Know?

When it comes to C&H® Sugar, there’s so much we can learn. From how our sugarcane is refined to our various types of brown sugars, we’re filled with sweet facts. That’s why we’ve created this helpful page. So you can learn a little more about the C&H® sugars you’ve used and loved for years.

Did You Know?

  • Pitmasters

    BBQ & Brown Sugar

    As a result of its deep, complex flavor and even spicy roasted notes, pitmasters prefer brown sugars for marinades, rubs and sauces. The bold taste of molasses in these sugars perfectly complements the savory, smoky flavor of meat, creating a mouthwatering zest that’s simply delicious.   

  • Plant-Based

    Sugarcane Is a Grass

    Not a lot of people know this, but sugarcane is actually part of the Poaceae grass family. It grows to be 6 to 18 feet tall, collecting sucrose (sugar) in its fibrous stalk as it converts sunlight and CO2 into fuel as it grows. 

  • CO2

    No Carbon Footprint

    Sugarcane is one of the world’s most energy efficient crops at converting sunlight to food and energy. Over the typical growing season, it actually consumes more CO2 than it takes to grow, harvest and refine it! 

  • Smoothness

    Real Cane Sugar In Drinks

    In beverages, real cane sugar boasts the viscosity (thickness) of the liquid, creating a unique smoothness and mouthfeel. Each sugar molecule is surrounded by water molecules, giving drinks like iced tea or hot cocoa a fuller, richer body and taste. 

  • Flavors

    Rich Flavor Loves Sugar Crystals As Much As You Do

    In Turbinado or Golden sugars, rich flavor is the key characteristic in the sugar crystal itself and a darker hue is noticeable as a reflection of the molasses available in these type of sugars. With brown sugars, there is a higher moisture content that helps with baking thick, chewy items like brownies or hearty cookies.

  • Useful

    Sugar Provides Much More Than Sweetness

    In baked goods, sugar serves many functions. It’s a yeast nutrient, it increases shelf life, it tenderizes bread, and it enhances/subdues other flavors, among other things.

  • Crispness

    Brown Sugar = Perfectly Browned Poultry

    Rubbing a bit of light brown sugar on the skin of your next chicken, duck or turkey before you uncover it for the final portion of its time in the oven will help to brown and crisp the bird, and to seal moisture inside.