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Delicious treats aren’t the only thing made in the kitchen! Baking with kids turns recipes into history lessons and creations into teamwork. Whether they’re measuring out the right amount of sugar for C&H® Classic Sugar Cookies or licking the extra batter from the bowl, baking will create long lasting, loving memories for generations to come.

Why Bake?

Aside from creating delicious treats, baking gives kids the opportunity to:

  • Learn real-world math. Measuring teaches fractions. Cutting brownies or a cake into servings demonstrates division. And waiting for the oven buzzer helps kids understand units of time.
  • Develop patience and precision. Baking is all about precision. If you incorrectly measure or skip a step, chances are your baking creation will not come out right.
  • Improve reading comprehension and vocabulary. Recipes are good practice for learning how to properly follow directions and other kinds of instructional reading.
  • Cultivate scientific curiosity. What makes a cake rise? What happens when you heat chocolate? Kids love baking “magic” and the explanations behind it.
  • Organize and follow through. From gathering all of the ingredients to cleaning up, baking projects show kids the value of doing a job properly and thoroughly.
    Successful baking starts with appropriate expectations. Give kids jobs suited for their age and abilities. Make sure each baking experience is a positive one—even if the results aren’t quite what you expected. After all, baking is all about having fun!

Young children, as young as two and three, can participate in stirring, pouring and decorating while five and six year-old’s can cut cookie-cutter shapes and use a rotary beater. By age nine or ten, children should have the skill set and coordination to operate electric equipment such as mixers, blenders and microwaves. So what are you waiting for? Get started with your kids today and don’t be afraid to make a mess!