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How to Frost a Crumb Coat Cake

STEP 1: Prepare a small bowl of frosting

Place some of your frosting into a separate small bowl, that way you can eliminate the risk of introducing crumbs into the frosting you’ll use for the final, perfect coat.

STEP 2: Chill your cake

If you live in a warm climate, chill your cake until firm before adding the crumb coat so the layers don’t move around while you’re working.

STEP 3: Frost the crumb coat

Using your spatula spread a thin layer of frosting around your cake. It’s best to start with the sides and then move onto the top. This will be the base layer that will soak up all the crumbs in your cake, so it’s okay if it’s not very pretty.

STEP 4: Set the crumb coat

No matter what kind of frosting you use, you must let the crumb coat set before moving on to the final coat. Pop the cake in the fridge for 15-20 minutes or until firm to the touch.

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