How To Level A Cake

Before you start to assemble a layer cake, add some extra style and sophistication with a simple leveling technique. Cakes tend to dome slightly as they bake in the oven, so to give your cake a polished look, trim the domed tops before you start to stack or frost.


How to Layer a Cake

STEP 1: Get your supplies

Reach for your favorite bread knife before you begin sawing into the top of your cake.

STEP 2: Position the knife

Position the blade of your bread knife right where the cake’s dome begins to rise up.

STEP 3: Start sawing

Place your less dominate hand on top and using a gentle sawing motion, cut roughly one inch into the cake. Then use your hand to guide your blade as you rotate the cake about 45 degrees and repeat the sawing motion.

STEP 4: Turn and Cut

Keep turning and slicing until there is a loose flap around the entire cake. From there, remove the flap to reveal a perfectly level cake!

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