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Simple Syrups 101

Whether you’re preparing a sweet treat, a savory dish or an enchanting cocktail, there’s a simple trick to making everything delicious. Mix in a little simple syrup! This delightful sweetener easily mixes with many of your favorite drinks, foods and baked goods.

The Simple Recipe

First time preparing simple syrup in your kitchen? Don’t worry! The recipe is as simple as its name suggests. Just mix equal parts sugar and water. Then, heat and stir until the sugar completely dissolves. Once you’ve brought your simple syrup to a gentle boil, stir in your favorite fruits, zests, herbs or spices to your liking. Give 30 minutes to cool, and presto, you’ve made simple syrup.

What Type of Sugar to Use

Well, that depends on your personal taste. Many people prefer the purely sweet taste of classic C&H Granulated Sugar, but others simply love the molasses flavor of darker sugars like C&H® Light Brown, C&H® Dark Brown Sugar or C&H® Turbinado Cane Sugar . Just keep in mind the darker the sugar, the stronger the flavor your simple syrup will contain.

Types of Simple Syrups

There are countless types of simple syrups, and each one has its own use. But to help get you started, we’ve selected some of our personal favorites that your family and friends are sure to love.

Blackberry Simple Syrup

If you’re looking for a simple syrup that’s bursting with the flavor of summer, then you’re going to adore Blackberry Simple Syrup. It’s great for yogurt, pancakes and drinks of all kinds, but we highly recommend it for our Blackberry Mint Moscow Mule and our Blackberry Widow Cocktail.

Vanilla Simple Syrup

A classic drink sweetener, Vanilla Simple Syrup mixes great with teas, coffees and mixed drinks of all kinds. It also enhances the flavor of many cakes, such as our delightful Confetti Birthday Cake Cheesecake. While Vanilla Simple Syrup is great on its own, it pairs wonderfully with many fruity flavors like strawberry, lemon, pomegranate and orange. 

Strawberry Simple Syrup

One of the most versatile simple syrups, Strawberry Simple Syrup is fantastic with just about everything. However, we highly recommend drizzling it on pancakes or waffles. Also, try adding it to mixed drinks like our Classic Margarita for a delicious strawberry twist. 

Orange Lemon Simple Syrup

Take your pancakes and grilled chicken up a notch with Orange Lemon Simple Syrup. It adds a delicious orange-lemon zest that pairs well with savory dishes, desserts and more!

Ginger Simple Syrup

When you want to enjoy a sweet and spicy treat or a cup of tea, nothing beats Ginger Simple Syrup. It’s lovely drizzled over ice cream or used as a ginger substitute for drinks and smoothies like our Strawberry Ginger Smoothies

Mint Simple Syrup

If you like the refreshing taste of mint, then you’ll absolutely love the taste of Mint Simple Syrup. It’s excellent in cocktails, milkshakes and other drinks. Also, it mixes well with fillings and glazes like our Powdered Sugar Glaze

Our Top Simple Syrup Recipes

Well done! You’ve learned the basics of making and pairing simple syrups. Now try your new skills on one of these delicious recipes.