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How To Fold In Egg Whites or Whipped Cream

Adding egg whites or whipped cream to your batter will create a wonderfully light and airy treat. So don’t let the fear of learning a new technique keep you from baking what could be your best creation yet. This folding method will give you the confidence to bake like a pro, so let’s get started!

How to Fold in Eggs

Step 1: Whip your egg whites

Once your batter is prepared in a separate large bowl, whip your egg whites or whipped cream until they form stiff peaks.

STEP 2: Lighten the batter

Take one small scoop of whipped egg whites or cream into the batter and stir gently until lumpy and barely combined. This step makes it easier to incorporate more egg whites later without having them deflate.

STEP 3: Add the egg whites or whipped cream

Scoop the remaining whipped egg whites or whipped cream on top of your batter.

STEP 4: Slice down into the egg whites

Using the blade of your spatula, slice directly down through the mound of egg whites or whipped cream until you hit the bottom of the bowl.

STEP 5: Scrape and fold the batter and egg whites

Scrape your spatula along the side of the bowl, gently scooping up the batter and egg whites, then fold them over on top of the remaining egg whites.

STEP 6: Turn the bowl

Give your bowl a quarter-turn and repeat the slicing down and scraping motion.

STEP 7: Stop when the ingredients are incorporated

Stop once you’ve repeated the folding motion until the batter is completely incorporated into the egg whites. The batter may still appear a little lumpy, but that’s okay. Be patient and careful not to overwork the batter until it’s smooth or you could deflate the egg whites.