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A Special Time Of Year

People may have different holiday traditions, but one thing they all have in common is wanting to spend time together. The other thing they have in common? Making and enjoying meals and desserts. 

Baking: The Best Part Of The Holidays

Lovingly made food and the holiday season go hand in hand. Not only do we get to catch up with friends and family while baking, but afterwards, everyone gets to enjoy savory meals and tasty treats together. 

1. The Benefits Of Baking With Loved Ones

Besides the obvious joys of cooking and baking with others, there are also   
practical benefits:

  • Having helpers makes things easier. Not only can people help prep ingredients, but they can also keep an eye on the stove or the oven, so things don’t overcook.
  • Get the kids involved and let them do some of the safer, more basic tasks like mixing batters or frosting cupcakes. Not only will they feel like they’re contributing but you might also instill in them a lifelong love of baking.
  • Make cooking and baking more fun by turning tasks into games. See who can whisk egg whites faster or who can ice the most even cake layer. Before you know it, the cooking and baking are done!
2. How Food Brings Us Together 

You’ve seen how preparing food brings us closer during the holidays. But what   
about during and after the meal? There are countless benefits to sharing food   
with loved ones.

  • Sitting around a table provides a perfect opportunity to have a conversation. With phones, TV, and other distractions put away, dinner and dessert are the perfect times to sit and chat.
  • People are usually happier when they’ve eaten. We all know the word “hangry.” When you’ve got a home-cooked meal in front of you, hunger and anger go right out the window.
  • Everyone gets excited over dessert. No matter how long your day has been or how stressed people are, when a beautifully iced cake is brought to the table, no one can contain their glee.
  • Sharing your favorite recipes will make you the second most popular person after whoever made dessert. Letting people in on an old family recipe is a sacred dinner tradition and makes you feel like part of the family.
3. Recipes to Gather Around  

The holidays have go-to recipes and ingredients everyone knows and loves. This year, surprise your guests with new takes on the classics along with entirely new recipes altogether. You might even start a new holiday tradition in the process.   

Glühwein (Mulled Wine) is a feast for the senses and will heat up your holidays. Red wine is taken to the next level with zesty orange, warming spices, and a little bit of sweetness. Get yours first because it’ll go fast.

Coquito is a refreshing take on eggnog and sure to be a new holiday favorite. Creamy and sweet with warming spices, it’s a great treat for a party and even makes a thoughtful and surprising gift.

Brown Sugar Pecan Sweet Potato Skins, from blogger Bright-Eyed Baker, are gluten-free crowd pleasers. They’re sweet and nutty with a little cinnamon added in to make them the perfect holiday appetizers.

Roasted Turkey Breast With Brown Sugar Orange Glaze is a new twist on a holiday classic. Our version has a delicious spice rub and is topped with an irresistible sweet-and-salty glaze.

One Sheet Vegetables With Brown Sugar-Balsamic Glaze brings a medley of delicious veggies to the table and is great for any holiday meal. Butter, tangy balsamic, and C&H® Light Brown Sugar keep things simple and let the natural flavors shine.

Caramelized White Chocolate Winter Wonderland Cake, from home taught baker and blogger Stephanie Simmons, brings a wintery feel into your kitchen regardless of the weather outside. This indulgent cake will make both a show-stopping dessert and a welcome next-day snack.

Gingerbread Cake, from brand ambassador Baran Bakery, takes a classic holiday staple and turns it on its head. Topped with a cream cheese frosting and toasted vanilla meringue, this cake has a chance of being the best gift you’ve ever given.


People won’t be able to resist gathering around food like this. The smells from the kitchen might even bring hungry neighbors around to investigate. All that matters is you’re sharing lovingly made food and treats with those that matter most to you.   

Now it’s time to make your holiday dreams a reality. Don’t forget the C&H® Sugar needed for all these amazing recipes.