How to Pull Off the Ultimate Boozy Brunch

Set up a bar that puts even the best local joints to shame. Find out everything you need to craft a drink bar for the books.

Host a brunch to remember by giving your guests a uniquely creative selection of delicious drinks. All you need are a few bottles of bubbly (sparkling wine or liquor), fresh juices (or other mixers), garnishes, and of course—C&H® Sugar. For step-by-step help, follow this expert guide to setting up your drink bar:

Stock Up On Spirits

Fill your bar with the essentials! Pick your favorite liquor and bubbly for serving up your signature cocktails. From prosecco to vodka, a few classic spirits will let your guests sip on their go-to drink or get creative with a concoction of their own.

Mix It Up

Stock up on a medley of fun juice flavors from orange to cranberry, peach, pomegranate, and grapefruit. For the Bloody Mary lovers in your life, build the ultimate brunch bar by providing an assortment of mild and spicy mixer options. The more mixes, the merrier!

Top It Off

For mimosa’s, a variety of fresh fruit like raspberries, blueberries, blood oranges, juicy grapes and succulent strawberries are sure to add a splash of flavor to your cocktail! For the Bloody Mary’s, garnishes like stuffed olives, fresh celery, crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes, and even shrimp cocktail will be sure to impress your guests.

Sugar Coat It

A sprinkle of C&H® sugar or a sugar rimmed glass will be sure to satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth. Go a step further and amaze any Bloody Mary connoisseur by topping off their glass with bits of candied bacon made with C&H® Light Brown Sugar.

This DIY drink bar will allow your guests to go wild when it comes to dressing up their cocktail, so get inspired by our whimsical recipes and start sending out your brunch party invitations.