Tips to keep your table looking top-notch

The perfect dinner spread calls for an amazing table setting. Follow these helpful tips to get your table looking festive for the occasion.

When planning to throw a party, serving up a bevy of treats made with C&H® sugar is a given. But figuring out how to set the table so your guests can enjoy those treats can be a bit more up in the air. Follow these instructions, and you’ll pull it off without a hitch.

Basic Table Setting

Start with a simple placemat to help keep your tablecloth (or bare table) clean, set the plate in the center and place a single dinner fork atop a napkin to the left. On the right, add a knife (butter or something sharper depending on the meal) closest to the plate before adding the spoon to its right. After that, just add a water glass and you’re ready to seat your guests.

Casual Table Setting

Taking a step up, you’ll still start with a centered plate and the fork, napkin, knife and spoon in the same location as the Basic Table Setting. However, this time you’ll add a salad plate atop the dinner plate, and a soup bowl atop the salad plate as well. A wine glass appropriate for the type of wine being served is then placed next to the water glass to finish the look.

Formal Table Setting

For more elegant gatherings, the arrangement becomes a bit more elaborate. A charger holds down the center spot on the placemat, with a dinner plate, salad plate and soup bowl stacked atop it. (These can also be replaced after each course if the host so chooses.) To the left go the dinner fork and napkin, but a salad fork is added atop the napkin, but outside the dinner fork. On the right are the familiar knife and spoon. A bread plate should be placed in front and to the left of the charger, with a butter knife atop it. Directly in front of the charger go a dessert spoon, individual salt & pepper shakers and a place card if seating is assigned. Finally, the water glass is joined by both a white wine and red wine glass, making this a setting ready for every C&H® delight you care to dish out course after course.