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Marvelous Muffins:

“Make sure to not overmix your batter. Combine all your wet ingredients with sugar first, then fold in the dry ingredients until they’re just barely combined. Unlike cupcakes, you’ll want to fill your muffin tins to the top to get that nice bakery style muffin top. You’ll bake them at a higher temperature at first so the muffin top can set and then lower the temperature to finish baking without burning.”

The Best Vanilla Bean Buttercream Frosting:

“Invest in vanilla paste versus imitation vanilla extract. It’s a total game changer. The second most important step in making vanilla bean buttercream is to make sure you’re whipping the frosting for a solid 5 minutes after adding C&H® Powdered Sugar.”

Golden Memories Start With C&H® Light Sugar

All of our partners know the secret to adding “wow” to every recipe. You mix in the delicious flavor of C&H® Light Brown Sugar. Its subtle molasses taste makes it perfect for everything from spiced cakes and cinnamon rolls to brownies, cookies and more!

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