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Keep the Oven On to Save Big

Why spend money for bakery bought cookies when you can easily make your own at a fraction of the cost? By baking your holiday treats with C&H® Sugar, not only can you guarantee that they will taste delicious, but your your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.

Here’s a quick look at how much extra “dough” you will save by baking homemade cookies with C&H® Sugar versus ready-made refrigerated dough or buying them at the place with fancy twine to wrap up the box:

Keep the Dough in Your Pocket*
Type of CookieHomemade CookiesReady-made Cookie DoughBakery
Pecan Chocolate Chip48 cookies - $4.04 ($1.01/doz)48 cookies - $4.04 ($1.01/doz)14 cookies - $4.99 ($4.27/doz)
Sugar Cookies84 cookies - $6.44 ($.93/doz)24 cookies - $2.89 ($1.44/doz)14 cookies - $4.99 ($4.27/doz)
Peanut Butter Cookies60 cookies - $2.60 ($.50/doz)24 Cookies - $2.89 ($1.44/doz)14 cookies - $4.99 ($4.27/doz)

*All costs are approximate and can vary by region.

Holiday Gifts

Home baked goods are the perfect gift for those people on your list that already have everything! Go on and bake the traditional holiday cookies, then give them a festive touch with:

  • A glittering ornament will add sparkle to their tree.
  • Mistletoe, pine cones or fresh snips off a holly or evergreen bush give off a wonderful seasonal fragrance.
  • Festive ribbon adds the finishing touch.
  • Most importantly, don’t forget to include your recipe so they too can bake and share with friends.

Try one of our many Cookie Recipes.


A Muffin Basket

Express your gratitude with a pretty basket put together as a Thank You or Hostess gift. But don’t stop with the muffins.

  • Dress up your basket with a set of cheerful cloth napkins.
  • Include small jars of jams, jellies or lemon curd.
  • A box of herbal tea makes a perfect muffin companion.
  • Let your friend create a relaxing mood by adding an unscented votive candle in a pretty holder.

Try our recipe for Sparkling Blueberry Muffins

Cookies for a Couple

  • Fill two white ceramic tea cups or breakfast mugs with a cellophane wrapped stack of favorite cookies.
  • Add a bag of freshly ground coffee for them to enjoy.
  • Include a CD of romantic jazzy music.
  • Surprise the happy couple by adding a gift certificate for a restaurant, the movies or a local play.

Get Well

Warm bread, muffins or cookies are always a kind gesture to a friend experiencing not so sunny days. Help them de-stress with a delicious home baked treat and a few of these comforting items:

  • Add a collection of soothing herbal teas.
  • A decorative box of tissues is always welcome.
  • A cooling eye mask is just the thing for tired eyes, or heat-pack for aching muscles.
  • Tuck in a journal along with a pretty pen to jot down thoughts and ideas.
  • A good book will help to while away the hours.

Brownies, Blondie’s, Bars, Oh My!

Bake batches of three (or more) kinds of bar-shaped treats, then mix them up and place in tins to give away. Give them out in appreciation to teachers, neighbors, dependable service providers or for your co-workers birthdays.

Think Outside the Basket

Baskets are always an easy, attractive and recyclable container for your baked treats. But why not try some of these other inspirational ideas to hold your homemade desserts:

  • Decorative ceramic bowls
  • An empty planter
  • A casserole dish
  • A mixing bowl along with a wooden spoon
  • Vintage tins found at flea markets and antique shops
  • A ceramic loaf pan
  • A serving platter
  • A bed tray
  • A small fruit crate
  • Hat boxes

Did you say you “Don’t Bake?”

That’s no excuse for not making a clever homemade gift. Sugar is an exfoliant that is not only sweet for your taste buds, but something your skin will love too! Make one of C&H® Sugar’s sweet and soothing Sugar Body Scrubs for gifts that are sure to dazzle the spa lovers on your list.