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We are mad about mangos! First grown more than 5,000 years ago, this tropical stone fruit tastes great in a wide range of dishes and it delivers a nutrient-packed punch that our bodies love. Here are the top reasons that mangos remain one of our favorite foods.

Cuisine Chameleon

Mangos fit in at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert! Eat the fruit on its own or toss it into a smoothie. Incorporate mangos into baked goods, such as mango margarita cupcakes, mango upside down cake, or coconut-mango bread pudding.

In Indian cooking, mangos appear in a range of chutneys, curries, and side dishes. A popular beverage around the world is the mango lassi, which mixes mango pulp, buttermilk, and sugar.

Prepare mango dessert tamales or mango-jicama slaw to serve at parties. For a light snack, dip your pita chips into a smooth mango hummus. Top fish or tacos with a tangy mango salsa for a sweet-yet-savory main course, and then wrap up your meal with a scoop of creamy mango ice cream for a special treat.

Dietary Darling

A mango a day may help keep the doctor away. Did you know that a 1 cup serving of sliced mango has only 100 calories and may offer additional benefits for your wellbeing?

According to the National Mango Board, this nutrient-dense superfruit contains more than 20 vitamins and nutrients. Mangos provide 100% of your daily vitamin C, 35% of your daily vitamin A, and 12% of your daily fiber in every 1 cup serving, plus they are naturally free of cholesterol, sodium, and fat. That is one power-packed daily serving of fruit!

Beauty Bonus

Mangos offer surprising benefits for your beauty regimen. The antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients in mangos may help rejuvenate your skin and hair when eaten regularly as part of a healthful diet and wellness routine. Mango is a popular ingredient in a variety of beauty care products, including hair masks, leave-in conditioners, night creams, and skin moisturizers. Mango butter, extracted from the pit of the fruit, is also said to improve the appearance of hair and skin.

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