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Categories: salads & fruits

How to Cut a Mango Timelapse

The long, flat pit that runs up the center of the mango makes it a challenge to cut the fruit – unless you apply the right technique!

Grab your knife, spoon, and cutting board. Here are tips for slicing and dicing mangos.

  1. Wash the fruit. Locate the stem and hold the fruit lengthwise so it points away from you. This helps you locate the pit of the mango. 
  2. Carefully slice off the two sides on either side of the pit. 
  3. Slice each side of the mango in its skin, both vertically and horizontally to dice into cubes. For safety, always use a cutting board, rather than holding the mango in the palm of your hand. 
  4. Invert each side of the mango so it looks like a “hedgehog”. Scoop out the fruit from the peel using a spoon. 
  5. Cut the remaining fruit from around the pit. Peel and dice it.