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The Perfect Ratio

Balancing the ingredients of the cocktail is the first step. As a general rule, mix 2 parts of whatever base you are using (whiskey, gin, tequila, vodka, etc.) 1 part sweet (select the perfect sugar for your cocktail using C&H® Sugar’s Amazon Store selection) and 1 part sour (lemon, lime, orange zest, etc.). This simple formula is the foundation for your next awe-inspiring cocktail.

The Right Ice Quantity

Assessing the perfect amount of ice is a step that is often overlooked by the novice and it is essential in the process of creating the perfect cocktail. The purpose of selecting the right ice-to-mix ratio for the particular cocktail you are preparing is to deliver the correct consistency and strength as well as bringing the drink to the proper temperature. As an example, when mixing a C&H® Sugar sweetened Tropical Vodka Cooler, you must use ample ice that is mixed well to deliver an ice-cold beverage that has been diluted to the cool refreshing consistency that is desirable.

Selecting Your Garnishment

Selecting the perfect garnish adds a complementary flavor and aroma to your cocktail as well as aesthetic appeal. For instance, when mixing a Sunset Punch, it would be good practice to garnish this sweet tropical drink that offers pineapple, orange, lemon, and other citrusy flavors with a wedge of the aforementioned fruit and a complementary herb such as lemon grass or lime basil.

Balancing Your Spirits

Measuring the correct amount of alcohol delivers the exact amount of spirits desired and results in the intended taste and experience while being careful not to overpower the beverage. Metallic shot glass tools (jiggers) are designed for this purpose and will help to ensure that you find the right balance for your spirited creation.

Combining Complementary Flavors

Much like a color wheel, certain flavors complement one another. When it comes to pairing the perfect flavors to create your cocktail, you will always be safe with traditional combinations like sour lime and salt tempered with the natural sweetness of C&H® Sugar in a Classic Margarita. But master mixologists love to test the limits with different spirits and flavors.