Flip Top Sugars

Now everyday sweetening is easier and neater with the new recloseable, flip-top canisters. C&H Sugar has created these stylish canisters, available in a Quick Dissolve Superfine Sugar and Pourable Brown Sugar — perfect for any kitchen setting! Get a Coupon Made to fit comfortably in one hand for easy pouring or sprinkling, the C&H® flip-top sugar canisters have a lid that snaps shut, keeping the sugar fresh so it can stay out on the table until the next time you need to sweeten. And there’s no need to refill sugar bowls or open a package of brown sugar when all you need is a little sprinkle.

C&H® Quick Dissolve Superfine Sugar

With finer sugar crystals than those in traditional granulated sugar, Quick Dissolve Superfine Sugar is ideal for sweetening beverages, whether hot or cold — the sugar dissolves and sweetens rapidly. Try it for iced tea, iced coffees or smoothies. Available in a 12 oz. canister. Learn more or Buy Online.

C&H® Pourable Golden Brown Sugar

New! C&H® Pourable Golden Brown Sugar is a free-flowing crystal version of the classic Golden Brown Sugar that does not clump, cake or harden. The Pourable Golden Brown Sugar comes in a convenient dispenser that was created for easy sprinkling and sweetening on foods such as fruits and favorite breakfast foods, making it perfect to keep handy at your kitchen table. And the pourable brown sugar is also convenient for baking — the fliptop lid makes measuring out brown sugar simple. Available in a 10 oz. canister. Learn more or Buy Online.