How to Make Perfect Brownies

Brownies are often among the first recipes a beginning baker attempts.

In fact, many of us baked our first proud batch of brownies as children. And, just as likely, we’ve puzzled for years over why such a “simple” recipe can have such variable results: too dry, too blah, too underbaked in the center.

And there are other questions as well: What makes a brownie “cakelike”, “fudgy”, or “chewy”? Why do some brownie recipes call for a mere two ounces of chocolate and others for as much as six ounces? What effects can different types of sugar create? Is there any way to remove brownies neatly from their pan?

If these questions have you frowning over brownies, cheer up! We’ve assembled the best tips and secrets to make your next batch—and every batch—a success.