Preparing Your Oven When Baking a Cake

Preparing Your Oven When Baking a Cake

Preheat your oven. There’s no need to preheat it longer than specified. This only adds to your energy bill.

Make sure ovens and shelves are level.

Bake at the correct temperature. To double-check the temperature, use an oven thermometer.

Your oven air circulation must be unrestrained so don’t let pans touch each other. If your pans touch, your cake may rise unevenly.

For a flatter top with creamed batters—ones that start with beating the sugar and butter together—use steam in the oven if it’s available. This creates a flatter top because steam delays the formation of the top crust.

Don’t open the oven door or disturb the cake until it’s finished rising and is partially browned, or your cake may fall.