Decadent Dessert Bar Tips & Tricks

Memorable get-togethers start with equal parts of fun and deliciousness. Use the following tips and tricks to create a C&H® Sugar-sweetened dessert bar for your next celebration, and wow your guests with this clever display of your confectionary flair.

Create Memories With Unforgettable Desserts

Delight the senses of your cherished friends and family by selecting desserts that will add heart and soul to your unforgettable dessert bar. Choosing the perfect array of desserts may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of C&H® Sugar (Hyperlink to C&H® Sugar Baking Tips), it can be fun! From decadent cakes (hyperlink to C&H® cake recipes) and brownies (hyperlink to C&H® Sugar brownie recipes) to crisp cookies (hyperlink to C&H® cookie recipes) and fresh pastries (hyperlink to C&H® Pastries), C&H® Sugar makes choosing sweet courses that pair seamlessly with your event’s menu as easy as pie (Hyperlink to C&H® Sugar pie recipes.)

Select The Perfect Theme

Whether it’s an explosion of collegiate colors to celebrate a graduation, soft flickering tiki torches for your poolside luau or a display of enchanting poinsettias to add magic to your next holiday celebration, selecting a distinctive theme will set the tone for your event. Let your dessert bar carry your theme to the next level by making it the centerpiece of your fun-filled occasion. Choose palettes of color that not only attract attention to your theme, but that give your dessert bar personality. Colors create a variety of emotional responses, so explore different color combinations to find the colors that express the feeling or mood you desire. Our gallery of inspiring desserts is a great place to (hyperlink to C&H® desserts) begin when looking for ideas that will send your imagination soaring to sweet heights!

Get Crafty With Containers

Add dimension to your dessert bar by selecting bowls, jars, vases, and platters of differing textures, heights and shapes. Create uniquely themed platforms by using fabric-covered foam or cardboard boxes. Using these visual elements to showcase your featured C&H® Sugar desserts will provide structure as well as a unique flair for your occasion. In addition to making your dessert bar irresistible to your guests, looking for interesting containers can be rewarding and fun. Thrift stores are a great place to discover unique items that will serve up your treats without straining your budget, and that is a really sweet deal!

Creatively Label All The Options

Use themed stationary, handwritten cards, or chalk signs to describe the selection of desserts you have arranged. This makes it easy for your guests to choose their favorite C&H® Sugar confection as they browse your different treats. It also allows your guests to take note of any desserts containing ingredients to which they may be allergic. Creatively labeling food that contains peanuts, gluten, and other possible allergens will keep your guests safe as well as sweetly satisfied during your event.

Add Some Style

Embellish your dessert table with items that inspire you. Flowers, ribbons, confetti, or small knick-knacks that accent your theme will provide a festive feel and keep the table interesting as your desserts start to disappear. Use small candies as edible confetti. String popcorn, marshmallows, or cleverly cropped photos of your honored guests in place of traditional garland. Light it all up with strings of miniature lights. Whether you make it lively or keep it simple, these personal touches will help you achieve the ambiance you desire. 

Don’t Forget Lively Libations To Complement Your Dessert Bar

Cocktail and food pairing is a growing trend, and whether you’re serving champagne, wine, liquor, or beer, the libations you select should pair well with your event’s menu. This careful planning of your dessert bar’s cocktail selection will wow your guests and take your sweet display over-the-top. Visit C&H® Sugar’s Summer Cocktail & Cuisine Pairing Guide (Hyperlink to C&H® Sugar’s Summer Cocktail & Cuisine Pairing Guide) and get ideas on how to choose the perfect beverages for your well-planned event!

Find Your Favorite Sweetener With A Click

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